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       “Sebastian what is going on?” the blunett asked sternly.
      “Ah! Master Ceil! Pluto bit Mey-Rin!” Finnian answered before Sebastian had a chance to explain. {Insert name looked around questioningly. ‘They have a dog? How did I not see it?’ She thought. Ceil made his way down the steps and towards the group of workers, {Inert name} trailing behind silently. A maid was at th e
e bottom of the steps, the man surrounding her. She was clutching her hand. {Insert name} guessed she was Mey-Rin.
      “The bloody mutt just ran up and bit her!” A man spoke. He had blonde hair like Finny’s though his was a bit darker. He was also smoking and was in need of a shave.
      “Where is Pluto now?” Ceil grumbled, upset his time with {Insert name} was disrupted because of this. The mystery man pointed over to a far corner where a completely naked man sat sulking. {Insert name} blushed when she noticed the silver haired man was naked, other than a dog collar.
      “Where is the d-dog?” {Insert name} asked, looking away from the naked man. The man just kept pointing in the direction of the man.
      “Idiot mutt.” Ceil mumbled, “Sebastian. Teach the mutt a lesson and fix Mey-Rin’s hand. Bard.” This time Ceil directed his voice to the older of the blondes, “Start dinner and don’t cause any explosions.”  
      “Yes sir.” Bard saluted. They all got quick to work. {Insert name stood in the middle of it awkwardly. She cautiously made her way over to the “dog”. {Insert name} tapped gently on the man’s shoulder.  Pluto turned around and looked up at {Insert name}.
      “H-hello little guy.” {Insert name} gulped. What was she doing? “Did you bite Mrs. Mey-Rin?”
      Pluto didn't do anything for a second. Then he slowly nodded, looking at {Insert name}’s (Hair color) hair.
      “Well that’s not very nice!” {Insert name} scolded. “You need to be nice to ladies! You must treat them kindly, not bite them!”
      Pluto whimpered at his scolding. {Insert name} was harsh. He looked into her [Color] eyes, giving her a big, puppy eyes look.  
      “Don’t give that look. Now go say sorry to Mey-Rin.” {Insert name} said sternly. Pluto hesitated for a moment. He then bounded over to Mey-Rin and licked at her hand. {Insert name} smiled in accomplishment. Sebastian, Finnian, and Mey-Rin all stared in shock when Pluto had done what {Insert name} told him to do.
      “Now how did you get him to do that? He hardly ever listens to anyone other than Sebastian.” Mey-Rin asked looking back and forth between Pluto and {Insert name}.
      “I don’t know. It just happened.” {Insert said}.
Black Butler males x Reader p2
Here is part two. Sorry if its a bit short and since i didn't update for awhile. Last time I told myself I would update if i got 50 views, and I did. This time I wanna go for 50 views and at least ONE comment. I think if I do make a next chapter there will be a make out scene. Also, TELL ME WHO YOU WANT IT TO BE BETWEEN. Flame,comment, and what not. 

Sky by Piggehluver
Made this out of charcoal and oil pastel crayons. My hands are dirty now. •-• I will be updating the black butler fanfic soon! Flame, comment, and what not.
FNAF Picture by Piggehluver
FNAF Picture
Foxy: Look a hook, better let it in.
Mike: Go away Foxy...

I drew this for a friend. Not great, but hey! Who gives a crap? Flame, Comment, and what not.
Don't look away by Piggehluver
Don't look away
I had a sudden thought about making this its inspired by something that I can't quite remember. Weird... With out further ado, flame, comment, and what not. 
   {Insert name} stood in front of the Phantomhive mansion, fiddling with the letter in her hands.  {Insert name} had received a letter saying she was being asked to come to the manor, {Insert name} guessed it was because she was a maid, but she didn’t understand why such a respected place would need her presence. {Insert name} slowly walked up and was about to knock on the door when she heard a loud noise emitting from the side of the house.
    {Insert name} quickly dropped her bags and ran to the area where she guessed the noise was coming from. To {Insert name}’s surprise, she found a young man with sunshine blonde hair sitting on the ground eyes closed, rubbing his head. He was wearing some sort of work outfit and had a straw hat blocking the back of his neck. A smashed flower vase lay off to the side. {Insert name} stopped her staring and quickly ran over to the boy, kneeling next to him.
    “Are you okay?” {Insert name} asked.
    “Wha-? Oh I’m fine.” he managed, finally opening his sky blue eyes, “Who are you? I’ve never seen you before.”
    “I received a letter requesting my presence.” {Insert name} said.
    The young man quickly grabbed {Insert name}’s wrist and dragged her to the front door where her stuff laid. “We have to tell young master you’re here!” He said excitedly, “He’ll be so pleased the new helps here!” He grabbed {Insert name}’s bags and tugged her inside. He dragged her up the steps and only stopped when a deep voice beckoned to him.
    “Finnian.” The cold voice said.
    “Y-yes Sebastian?” The boy, now identified as Finnian, asked.
    “Who is this?”
    “She is the new m-maid {Insert name}”
    {Insert name} turned to look at who Finnian was talking to. Her eyes were greeted with sight of a tall, handsome man. He was wearing a dark suit that went well with his red eyes. ‘Weird, he must be the butler with that type of outfit on.’ {Insert name} thought to herself.
    “Ah, so you are {Insert name}. We have been expecting you for a while now. My name is Sebastian, I am the butler here in the Phantomhive manor.” Sebastian said smiling. “Finny.” He directed his attention to the boy next to {Insert name}.
    “Take {Insert name}’s stuff to her room.” Sebastian said sternly. “Now allow me to take you to young master’s study.”  
    {Insert name} trailed behind the tall figure. ‘He’s very direct huh. It’s almost like I don’t even have a choice.’
    {Insert name} and Sebastian soon arrived at a large door. Sebastian knocked and explained that {Insert name} had arrived. Whomever was inside told him to let the girl in and leave. Sebastian shifted out of the way and opened the door for {Insert name}. She walked in cautiously.  Sebastian shut the door and left to go make sure everything was prepared and perfect.
    “It’s nice of you to show up.” A slow, irritated voice caught {Insert names}’s attention. {Insert name} looked up and saw a young boy, probably in his teens, sitting in a big chair, his cheek resting on his knuckle. His blue hair framing his face perfectly. His one showing eye was cold yet welcoming. The other eye  was covered with an eye patch.
            “S-sorry I was in abut of a situation when I first got your letter. My apologies.”
    “You’re not wearing the traditional maids outfit like you are supposed to.” The blue eyed male said, though {Insert name} could have sworn she saw a flash of red in them. “Though I can help you into one.”
    He briskly got up and moved over to {Insert name} putting a hand on her cheek, moving his face closer to hers. Before his and {Insert name}’s lips could meet, screaming and yelling was heard from downstairs. The blue haired teen growled and pulled away, walking to the door and leaving. {Insert name} quickly followed.
Black Butler males x reader
I finally made it. Here is chapter one. If I don't get enough reviews and feedback I won't continue it though. So please tell me how I did and if you want more, or I will discard this fanfiction. Also, tell me who you really want this x reader to end with(Ceil, Sebastian, Finny, Bard...) Flame, comment, and what not!


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